NVB Series Voice Chip
● Flexible multiple key operation modes and level output modes for selection (edge key trigger, level trigger, random key play, sequential key play);
● Simple and convenient two-Line MCU serial port control mode, the user's main control MCU can control the trigger play and stop of any segment of voice;
● Supports 4 key triggers.
● Voice duration 20 to 115 seconds;
● A set of built-in PWM output can directly push 0.5W speakers;
● Flexible playback operation, saving voice space through combination, a single data port can play up to 128 voice combinations;
● Beautiful sound quality, stable performance, high quality and low price;
● Built-in LVR self-reset circuit to ensure the normal operation of the IC;
● DIP8, SOP8 and COB are available in three packages, which are easy to use and flexible in application;
● The peripheral circuit is simple, only one coupling capacitor is needed;
● Operating voltage range: 2V ~ 4.5V (if 5V is powered, VDD needs to be connected in series with a diode 4148 to step down);

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Part Number   Voltage range     Quiescent currentVoice LengthSampling RangeAudio OutputPackage model
NV040B   2V-4.5V                          2uA   40s(6K)     6K-26K      PWM   SOP/DIP8
NV065B   2V-4.5V                          2uA   65s(6K)     6K-26K      PWM   SOP/DIP8
NV080B   2V-4.5V                          2uA   80s(6K)     6K-26K      PWM   SOP/DIP8
NV115B   2V-5.5V                          2uA  115s(6K)     6K-26K      PWM   DIP/DIP8



● Working voltage: DC 2 ~ 4.5V

● Stand-by power consumption: <2uA

● Audio Output: PWM

● Interface: pulse counting, one-line/two-line serial port

● Volume: support 8 level volume adjustment function

● 128 segments of speech can be loaded

● support multiply segments playing simultaneously

● support customizing functions


● Interface: pulse counting, one-line/two-line serial port

● Size: 4.9 x 6.0 x 1.75 mm

● Capacity: 40S/65S/80S/87S/115S

● Voltage: DC 2 – 4.5 V

● Working Temperature: -20 to + 75 °C

Chips Package



● Recordable greetingi cards, telephone exchanges,  recording machine cores, security equipment, toys, etc.

NVB Series voice IC is the latest launched OTA Voice IC which is suitable for factory production. It has many significant advantages such as low cost, stable performance, high sound quality, convenient control, and simple circuit.

NVB series voice IC has a variety of key triggering methods, and can output various forms of level signals, and can be set to change according to the ups and downs of the voice. In addition, NVB supports the main control MCU two-line serial port control, and can control multiple voice triggers arbitrarily. It is the only voice IC on the market that supports 128 voices with an 8-pin IC.

NVB series voice IC has a variety of practical packaging forms: DIP8, SOP8, etc. The peripheral circuit only needs one power coupling capacitor. 

Stable operation, wide operating voltage, ultra-low standby power consumption and wide temperature resistance enable NVB series voice ICs to have a first-class cost-effectiveness advantage in a wide range of applications.

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