N9100 series MP3 decoding chip
☆ Support sampling rate (KHz): 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48;
☆ Support the three -dimensional sound output playback, MP3/WMV hard decoding, you can directly push the 0.25W headset speakers;
☆ A variety of control mode: UART serial port mode, front -line serial port mode, AD key control mode;
☆ level 30 sound can be adjusted, 5 types of EQ can be adjusted (normal — Pop-Rock-Jazz-Classic);


The N910X series MP3 decoding chip is a MP3 chip that provides serial ports, which integrates MP3 and WMV hard decoding chips. Support TF card drive, support the content of the SPI Flash directly, and support FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. Through simple UART serial instructions or one -line serial instructions, you can complete the specified music and how to play music. There is no need for cumbersome underlying operations, beautiful sound quality, convenient use, stable and reliable is a major feature of this product. In addition, this chip is also a deep -customized product, which is specially developed for the field of fixed voice playback fields. N9300 can be seamlessly replaced by the N9100 chip, please consult customer service for details





AdKey control mode

The ADKEY key control method We use the AD button method, replacing the traditional matrix keyboard connection method. The advantage of this is that the MCU has full and more powerful AD function. The design is simple and not simple. The module is configured with 2 AD ports and the resistance value of 10 keys.


MCU front -line serial control

The N9105 supports a single -chip microcomputer simulation of the first -line serial control. This control method is simple and convenient, suitable for any single -chip microcomputer.

MCU first -line serial control serial port sequential map



The N9100 series MP3 decoding chip can be suitable for occasions of various voice prompts, such as: blood pressure meter, attendance machine, blood glucose meter, medical device, massage device, footbath, doorbell bottom Home appliances, Buddhist machines, gaming machines, craft gifts, smart locks (fingerprint locks, password locks, card locks), codes scanning machines, and so on.


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