N8900 Bluetooth audio chip
☆ 32 -bit CPU+DSP hardware decoding;
☆ Bluetooth v5.0, USB2.0 OTG;
☆ 16 -bit DAC stereo output, SNR> 90DB;
☆ Special BUSY signal output instructions;
☆ Support 30 levels of sound volume adjustment, 5 types of EQ adjustment;
☆ Support the recruitment of the serial number of the playback, the total track of the total track and the directory of the directory;

The N8900 is a Bluetooth chip that provides a multi -function collection integrated. It perfectly integrates MP3 and WAV hard decoding chips, supports Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, FM, recording, etc., memory supports TF card drivers, Flash, U disks, supports computer directly update memory memory memory. The content of the FAT16, FAT32 file system supports Flash, TF cards, and U disks. You can complete the specified music, as well as how to play music and other functions through simple UART serial instructions or one -line serial instructions or ADKEY button. Convenient, stable and reliable is the biggest feature of this product. In addition, this chip is also a deep -customized product. It is designed for the low -cost solution developed for the field of custom speech playback. It can choose the corresponding model according to different functions. It is a streamlined version of the Bluetooth MP3 chip with a very high cost performance.



Chip structure diagram


Decoding format


Control mode

     AdKey control mode

The AdKey control mode replaces the connection of the traditional matrix keyboard. The advantage of this is to make full use of the more and more powerful AD function of the MCU. The design is simple and not simple. The module is configured with 1 AD port and the resistance value of the 4 keys. If you use it in the occasion of strong electromagnetic interference or strong sensuality and capacity load, please refer to our & ldquo; Note & rdquo;.


AdKey control mode schematic diagram

First -line serial control mode

The N8900 supports a single -chip microcontroller to simulate the first -line serial control. This control method is simple and convenient and suitable for any single -chip microcomputer.

The first -line serial port MCU can only be controlled by one line. From the head size and the duty cycle, the low position is made, and the head code is pulled down 3ms above 3ms. It is usually kept high. A total of 8 bits. The timing occupation ratio is about 1: 3. The scope range is between 300US: 900US to 1000US: 3000US. The error allows 10%.



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