Volume control method of Guangzhou voice chip
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Many voice chips are controlled with volume, and some do not have volume control. The volume control of voice chips is generally divided into two types, one is hardware volume control, and the other is software volume control.

I. Hardware volume control: The volume control of voice chips is generally divided into 8 -level sound control and 16 -level sound control. However, there are two types of audio output methods for voice chips, one is PWM audio output, and the other is DAC audio output. How does the hardware volume control of the voice chip control the volume of the two audio output volume? Generally, the output of the volume is used to adjust the current. Control the PWM current to control the current strength output to the horn, thereby controlling the size of the horn amplitude, thereby controlling the volume of the volume we feel. The DA audio output method also controls the current form, because most of the voice chips are generally current DACs. As long as the current of the DA is controlled, the base current of the external triode can be controlled, so as to control the current strength of the volume adjustment on the speaker.

2. Software volume control: Since the software regulates the volume of the software cannot directly control the current on PWM and DA, the software volume control is generally adjusted directly to the audio synthesizer value to achieve the purpose of volume control. Therefore, as long as a certain mathematical operation is passed, the value that is transported to the audio synthesizer can be modulated. In theory, software volume control can be used at the same level. However, due to the influence of the CPU computing power and the needs of practical applications, the 16 -level sound control is generally controlled. If the computing power is limited, you can also control level 2 or level 4.

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