Voice chip, recording chip selection
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....

In today's society, smart voice products have gradually integrated into people's lives, and smart voice products have gradually replaced many "dumb products". The reason why smart voice products can speak are mainly because the product has added voice chips.

The main characteristics of voice chips are low power consumption, strong anti -interference ability, small peripheral devices, simple control, long -lasting voice preservation, not losing the voice, some chips can repeatedly rub the voice content, such as car reversing radar, buses reporting The station instrument, bank queuing machine, voice toys, anti -theft systems, home appliances and other equipment are equipped with voice chips. Of course, voice content has voice files and recording files, which also derives a new product, recording chip.

However, because whether it is a recording chip or a voice chip, there are many types and different functions in the market. Many engineers will feel helpless in the selection type. Let ’s talk about how to choose the voice chip and recording chip. Model replacement expensive ISD voice solution

In terms of use function, the voice chip can basically be divided into recording voice chips and audio voice chips. To design a product using a voice chip, you must first consider whether to use recording on -site voice. If you need to recording voice, choose a voice chip with a recording function. The voice chip with a recording function usually has the function of playback voice, but when playing the voice, the sound quality is not as good as a special audio voice chip, so when choosing a voice chip, you must weigh the function and sound quality.

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