Precautions for the location of the point of the sound and light voice alarm
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The sound light alarm (also known as the sound light alarm) is a alarm signal device used to send a warning signal to people through sound and various light. Once the sound and light alarm fixed installation is in place, the position is not easy to change. The following points should be considered in specific application.

(1) To clarify what the device you want to monitor, analyze their leakage pressure, direction and other factors, and draw the position distribution diagram of the probe, and divide them into three levels: Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and III according to the severity of the leakage.

(2) According to specific factors such as the airflow direction and wind direction of the place, it is judged that when a large amount of leakage occurs, there is a leakage direction of toxic gases.

(3) Based on the density of the leakage gas (greater than or less than the air), combined with the air flow trend, the three -dimensional flow trend chart of leakage is integrated, and the initial point plan is made in the downstream position of its flow.

(4) Study whether the leakage status of the leak point is slightly leakage or spray. If it is a slight leakage, the position of the point should be closer to the leakage point. If it is a spray -like leak, a little away from the leakage point. Based on these conditions, the final point plan is drawn up. In this way, the number and variety you need to purchase can be estimated.

(5) For places with large toxic gas leaks, a detection point should be set up at 10-20m per phase of 10-20m according to relevant regulations. For small and non -continuously operating pump rooms, you need to pay attention to the possibility of a toxic gas leakage. Generally, a detector should be installed at the lower air outlet.

(6) For places with hydrogen leakage, the detector should be installed above the plane above the leakage point.

(7) For the gas density than the air, the detector should be installed on the plane below at the leakage point, and the surrounding environment characteristics should be paid to the characteristics of the surrounding environment. Pay special attention to the setting of safety monitoring points for places with prone to accumulating toxic gases.

(8) For the spread of open toxic gases, if you lack good ventilation conditions, it is also easy to make the toxic gas content in the air in the air of a certain part close or reaches the lower limit of the explosion. These are all safety monitoring points that cannot be ignored Essence According to the results of the on -site accident, more than half of them are caused by incorrect installation and verification. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the correct installation and verification precautions to reduce the failure.

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