Guangzhou Jiuxin Electronic NVB series voice chip introduction?
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....

NVB series voice chip is a newly launched industrial -grade OTP voice chip suitable for factory mass production types. It has many significant advantages such as low cost, stable performance, high sound quality, convenient control, and simple circuits. NVB is a stable voice chip. Without any peripheral circuit, it can work normally in a extremely harsh noise environment. It has a wide range of temperature resistance and voltage resistance. The normal working range is 1.8V ~ 4.5V, which makes up for it to make up At present, the disadvantage of poor anti -interference capabilities on the market.


OTP storage format, the production cycle is fast, it only takes one day, there is no small limit for placing an order;

Flexible multi -key operation mode and level output method for selection

Simple and convenient two -line MCU serial port control method, user control MCU can control the trigger playing and stop of any paragraph voice;

Support 4 keys to trigger.

The voice time is 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 65 seconds, 80 seconds, 115 seconds;

Built -in a set of PWM outputers can push the 0.5W speaker directly;

You can save voice space by combining, and 128 voice combinations can be played by a single data port;

The sound quality is beautiful, the performance is stable, and the quality is cheap;

Built -in LVR self -reset circuit to ensure the normal work of the chip;

DIP8, SOP8, and COB three packages are available, easy to use, flexible application;

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