What is a voice chip?
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Voice chip definition: transform voice signals into numbers through sampling, store in ROM of IC, and then restore the numbers in the ROM to restore the digital to the voice signal.

According to the output method of voice chips, it is divided into two categories. One is the PWM output method, and the other is the DAC output method. The volume of PWM output cannot be continuously adjusted and cannot be connected to ordinary amplifiers. At present, most voice chips on the market are PWM output mode. Essence The other is that the DAC is enlarged by internal EQ. The sound chip sound is continuously adjusted. It can be regulated by digital control and can be used outside the power amplifier.

Ordinary voice chips are essentially a DAC process, and the ADC process data is completed by the computer, including the sampling, compression, and EQ processing of voice signals.

The recording chip includes two processes: ADC and DAC, both of which are completed by the chip itself, including the steps such as the collection, analysis, compression, storage, and playback of voice data.

ADC = Analog Digital Change Model Digital Conversion

DAC = DIGITAL Analog Change Digital Model Conversion

The quality of sound quality depends on the number of ADC and DAC digits. For example: 20 seconds to 340 seconds, low from 10 seconds to 340 seconds. Voice chips intuitively look at the chip related to voice, voice is the electronic sound of storage, and the chip that can make sounds is the voice chip, which is the voice chip. Commonly known as sound chip, which is more accurate in English should be VOICE IC.  

In the large family of voice chips, there are two types: (Speech IC) and (MUSIC IC) according to the type of sound. Here it should be regarded as a professional distinction method for voice chips.

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