What are the models of voice chips on the market now?
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....

Home appliance-air conditioning

On one occasion, the Gree air conditioner I used has not been used for a long time. When I use it, I found that I can't start the refrigeration. Always show EX? I don't know what the representative? After finding a professional installation master, I did not find the problem for a long time. Later, I found that it was because the line of the temperature sensor was bitten by the mouse, and it was normal after receiving it. If the voice is used to prompt this failure "嘀, the temperature sensor may be faulty, please check the time that the failure time to exclude the failure will be greatly shortened. Similarly, if the internal self -diagnostic system is played by the common fault code and voice, it does have practical significance. Since then, the professional master will no longer need to bring a variety of air conditioning code query tables to repair the air conditioner.

Home Appliances-Washing Machine

On one occasion, I was washed with a smart washing machine and put half of the children who accidentally closed the faucet. As a result, I couldn't start. Always send out "然后" and then display the fault code. Of course, I don't know what it means. It doesn't help after a while. Later, you can continue to add water to the scheduled location. If there is a voice that "the water level of the bucket is not enough, please add water" is more humane. You can add the "Help Voice" button to the panel. When you turn on the voice prompt switch, you will indicate that you need to pay attention to each feature. For example, when the water temperature is not enough, the washing effect will be much worse, but not all fabrics are allowed to warm up to clean. If it is prompted that "the water temperature is not enough now, please choose automatically heating according to the clothing". Of course, you can also turn off the voice switch.

Home Appliances-Refrigerator

At present, the refrigerators in the city are quite popular, but do you find that there are such situations and some foods will be thrown away even if you put it in the refrigerator, because it has been put over the shelf life for too long. If a voice -time reminder is added to the refrigerator, set a timer and recording once every time you put a new food, so that there will be voice prompts when the shelf life is set. When you turn on the refrigerator, there will be "there are 5 days of your certain brand of peanut butter, and you will have a shelf life, please digest as soon as possible." Until you press the "processing" button, there will be no voice prompts when you open the door next time, otherwise there will be voice prompts next time. When you record it yourself, you only need to record "a certain brand of peanut butter", and other voice will be automatically synthesized in the chip.

It is said that the refrigerator has now become a place for bacteria to breed and reproduce. We often don't pay attention to cleaning the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is automatically prompting you "it has been a month, I'm so dirty, it's time to clean it, please! Otherwise, you will get sick." When you clean and reset, she will not remind anymore. She started a new time. The same air conditioner should also be cleaned regularly, otherwise bacteria will be breed. You can also add the "Help Voice" switch to the panel. You can remind you not to turn off the refrigerator door, keep freshness in the refrigerator door, keep freshness, etc., use precautions, fault prompts, and warranty service information. This requires a large number of voice prompt information. The general voice chip is difficult to compete, and it is more than enough to use the WTV and WT588D series voice chips.


The same fault self -diagnostic voice prompt system is quite practical on the vehicle. Some vehicles have a self -diagnostic system but a professional instrument (or checking code table) to know the actual meaning of its code. very convenient. Now the TPMS system has appeared on the market, and some have begun to use voice prompts. For example, when you drive the power supply, there will be a prompt, "Now start checking your car, everything is normal, and help you all the way!", When there is a failure, it immediately prompts "嘀, the left front wheels are low, please check." Nowadays, more and more family cars are popular for young women to drive, and women know very little. Male citizens will also have this. I don't know how to maintain vehicles. I forget when to maintain the car with a nearly maintenance vehicle? What are the maintenance? As a result, it was not maintained by severe overdue and super -kilometers. If the specified time or kilometer is given, it will not cause unnecessary losses. Because car owners often change service providers (sometimes they have changed the service provider according to their work), because the competition for the service of maintenance vehicles is also fierce, the service provider cannot be tracked in place. You prompt the maintenance plan. If a voice voter has been tested to the number of kilometers or this maintenance time, she can remind her "your car has been driving for 5,000 kilometers, and you need to do it in time." After six months of driving, it is time to do regular maintenance. "Every time after a period of time, I will remind them. Until the maintenance work and reset the removal of the voice prompts, the tip will no longer make voice prompts. It is also possible to prompt the front and rear lights of the car according to the self -diagnostic system of the car, oil pressure, water level, temperature, etc. These parameters are extremely important for the normal use of cars, but most of us rarely pay attention to these data. Once something goes wrong, it is not small.

Here are currently some areas or products that we have used voice chips:

1. Family security anti -theft alarm

Second, car anti -theft, GSM anti -theft device

Third, car electronics: car navigation, car TPMS, reversing radar, electronic dog

Fourth, home electronics: microwave oven, induction cooker, rice cooker, coffee furnace, treatment instrument

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