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The smoke alarm is a kind of detection alarm equipment. The general smoke alarm is divided into: photoelectric smoke alarm and ionized smoke alarm. The smoke alarm device can achieve fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. With the increase of modern household fires and electricity consumption, the frequency of fires such as households and other local fires is getting higher and higher. The main reason for family fires is paralysis. Measures, and the smoke alarm is a sensor for detecting smoke sensors. Once the fire risk occurs, the internal speakers will be alert to people in time.

The traditional smoke alarm is only a "whine" alarm sound, with a single function and insufficient alert depth. The smoke alarm and voice chip have a real voice reminder function, deepen the alert effect, detect the fault and report the fault. In addition Merchants do brand promotion. Generally, the voice of the smoke alarm is:

1. Welcome to use XX smoke alarm

2. ,, test, the functional test is normal

3. Please pay attention, the smoke exceeds the standard, woohoo (alarm)

4. Insufficient power

5. Detector failure

Intelligent voice smoke alarm voice scheme, smoke alarm voice chip

The voice scheme suitable for smoke alarm is: NVC series voice IC smoke alarm volume is relatively small, the NVC series voice IC is a small volume SOP8 voice chip solution. After the required content, in addition, the NVC series voice IC can support DAC output, and the sound is clear and loud.


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