Sharing of Voice Module Selection Experience
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....

The voice module, as the name suggests, is a semi -finished product with voice playback function, for users to use module products for secondary development, because it is convenient for testing, simple use, no need to design hardware and other characteristics. The popularity of the market and the popularity of electronic DIY enthusiasts. At present, the related products on the market are also full of. Those who need this demand will also encounter the same confusion as me. Module products, let me share some of my experience I collected by everyone

First of all, after my summary, the voice modules on the market are generally divided into the following 5 types

1. Module products with ISD series chips as the core

Most of these modules are deeply rooted in the student field, because most of the school's textbooks also have this introduction, but the actual product development, this type of module has been used very little, because the module of this series is high, the peripheral The characteristics of the goods are not stable and so on. It is already a marginal product that has been eliminated, so I personally don’t recommend such types of modules.

2. Module products centered on VSXXX series products such as VS1003, etc.

Presumably most people who have studied electronics have heard of the classic chip of VS1003, because he is an epoch -making product. Although it has been 10 years, the VS1003 is still sold well in the VS series chip. If It is students who need to do experiments, study the entire MP3 decoding, peripheral SD card driver, etc. I recommend choosing this module directly because you can learn more, but the actual product, I don’t recommend it, because its cost performance is in the current coming. It is relatively low.

3. Module products centered on chips such as WT588D, WT020, etc.

In the market, the launch of the WT588D is also extremely advantageous, because it can be plot Flash, and can repeatedly burn recording voice, flexible upper machine software coordination, etc. It is also quite popular at the time of launch. At present, people who are voice modules still choose , But the technology has gone through so many years, new technology will inevitably replace old technology

4. Module products with KT403A and KT540B as the core and QymTF1FS

From the beginning to the present, voice technology has basically gone for more than ten years. The technology is also changing with each passing day. New products are continuously launched, and old products will gradually be forgotten. Here is a Qym7FS module and QymTF1FS module, because he is the The current technology has too many advantages than the previous chip modules such as VS1003, ISD, WT588D. Whether it is cost, performance, and ease of use, it has reached an unprecedented height. Therefore Recommended, but if you need to learn the coding of voice and the development of peripheral software, then I still recommend using the VS series chip, because KT403A and KT540B chips have integrated all the functions, comes with the FAT file system, comes with SD SD Card driver, self -comes with U D drive, etc., users do not need to care about the bottom layer, they only need to control the voice according to their own needs

5. OTP voice module played for a long time,

This type of application is basically at the low -end application, and there are basically few choosing modules.


We have to look at the technology with a development vision, because Moore's Law has been very clear, and the performance of electronic products must be continuously surpassed. Only new technologies have introduced our vision. Only to make good products as you want.

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