The value of the air -conditioning fan added to the voice chip
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The air -conditioning fan is actually an electric fan equipped with a water -cooled device. It does not have a compressor. It does not use Flun, and the built -in circulating water pump continues to pull out the water in the water tank uninterruptedly, and spray it evenly on the evaporate filter layer through the waterfish system to cool the surrounding air. In this way, the wind sent by the fan leaves has a cold feeling. The temperature of the air outlet is generally 4 ° C -7 ° C than the room temperature. People in the industry call it a physical energy storage refrigeration.

Nowadays, all products need to be intelligent, and voice broadcasting is a good intelligent means. When people operate the air -conditioning fan with a remote control, the voice chip can be reminded and confirmed. When the lazy people use the remote control to operate the air -conditioning fan, they may have a distance too far or because of the interference of obstacles, which will cause no operation to be successful. Adding a voice chip like the WTN5 can play a good role. Broadcasting a live -action voice with corresponding functions. For products with many functions such as air -conditioning fans, voice broadcasting can make users clear whether the operation is successful.

It can be prompted immediately when the water tank is short of water. Water can be said to be the source of air -conditioning fan cold wind. When the water tank is short of water, the running pump is not only refrigerated, but it may also damage the machine for a long time. When the water tank is short of water, a trigger signal can be triggered by detecting the device to the voice chip, and the machine can immediately emit the live -action voice that please add water.

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