Popular voice MP3 module in the market
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....


Since its inception, NNV020s has been widely welcomed by domestic and foreign markets, and sales have soared. Rate to the industry's popular MP3 voice module. No one, that is. This module has the following characteristics compared to similar products in the previous market:


1. Simulate the U disk operation, connect the computer directly to replace the voice, and change what you want. You are the master. Leads in all kinds of plug -in or built -in MP3 voice modules.


2. The price is low, breaking the threshold of the high price of voice plug -in or built -in modules.


3. High sound quality, MP3 is not damaged. Make NV020s well -deserved MP3 voice module with high audio quality.


4. Internal rich control methods are suitable for most occasions.

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