Transformer voice alarm scared the thief
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"Your criminal behavior has violated the law. The alarm system has been reported 110. You must stop the crime, otherwise you will capture it!" As long as the monitoring alarm system that is touched on the transformer, the monitoring equipment will immediately emit voice deterrence. This alarm device once again effectively "defended" a transformer from being stolen.

At 1:58 am yesterday, the 84001 transformer located near the Wuhuang Expressway suddenly sounded a loud alarm. After 10 minutes, the staff of the power supply company of the Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone rushed to the scene and found that the transformer was safe and sound, but the transformer platform was a platform. Below the rack has been artificially put on a thick trunk about 2 meters long, showing the traces of someone trying to climb on the table. After the investigation and analysis of the on -site investigation, the staff believed that someone tried to steal the transformer. When the monitoring equipment of the transformer anti -theft alarm terminal immediately sent a voice deterrence, forcing the thief to give up the stealing intention to escape the scene.

It is understood that 5 public transformers have been stolen in the Donghu New Technology Development Zone. Since then, Donghu High -tech Power Supply Company has piloted the transformer anti -theft alarm system in remote areas where transformer is stolen. Once the monitoring equipment finds theft, the monitoring alarm of the transformer will make a very deterrent voice; at the same time, the electronic map of the main station server will show the specific position of the alarm transformer, accompanied by a rapid alarm sound, notify the power supply to supply power supply. Duty personnel and 110 law enforcement police officer. According to the staff, the transformers of this alarm system have been installed in the area.

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