Smart instrument voice chip, smart instrument voice IC
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Guangzhou Nine Chip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research. It mainly provides voice IC, voice chip, voice module, voice bips, voice alarm, forklift speeder, automotive speed limiter and other businesses Serve....


The smart instrument has a voice report system. The operator only needs to bury the head to debug, and you don't have to look up at the meter reading. For some staff members, it is really convenient. The smart instrument has this function, which is also a major feature of the instrument. More practical promotion.

The price is affordable and the application is convenient. In order to meet the different needs of customers, WT588D is divided into different types. Customers can choose the needs of the number of feet in the chip chip chip of the PCB board pipe; , Sampling rate ... Choose the voice chip model you need.

The voice system divides the voice storage and voice playback. The system uses a single -chip microcomputer to collect the measurement data of the intelligent instrument, and it is transformed into a judgment signal of the voice IC playback. WT588D voice chip has two audio output methods:

1. DAC audio output: external connection drive speaker method. PWM+/DAC is an audio output, pwm-end empty. The DAC terminal needs to connect a 1.2K resistance and 104 capacitance to the ground, and then output the audio to the amplifier.

2.pwm audio output, directly drive the speaker method, connect PWM+and PWM- at both ends of the speaker. When the state output is out of WM+/PWM-at both ends, you must not be short-circuited or the capacitor resistance to the ground. If you need to use this state external power amplifier, you can output to the power amplifier in a differential manner.

The second method is different from the previous voice chip. It can directly drive a 0.5W speaker, because PWM technology is not only driven by large driving capacity, but also high electrical efficiency.

WT588D voice chip can be used as a preferred intelligent instrument voice chip and smart instrument voice IC. The technology that uses voice data directly in the SPI-FLASH memory, and uses unique voice smoothness and noise reduction processing technology. Therefore, it can be very real and natural. Reappear voice, music, sound and effect sound. There are many functions and good sound quality, which make up for the narrow flaws of other voice chip applications, and can completely replace and surpass the same performance IC in OKI and ISD.

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